Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Best of Mohican

Scenic river, covered bridge, Lyon Falls, Black-throated Green Warblers, a hot day in a cool gorge, shaded roads, fern filled embankments... the list from Mohican's hushed and hazy wooded trails goes on and on.

Regular readers of this blog know I travel far and wide in Ohio and beyond, appreciating the beauty and diversity of flora and fauna. Mohican holds its own- an oasis of fresh-pine and hemlock, damp earth, bird song, insect hum and babble of the river as it flows through the gorge.

Rock outcroppings, where glaciers came to grinding halt, where hemlock begin. Tonight's visit to the forest office for an open house, reminds me why. Why do I spend my time protecting Mohican and helping others to learn more of nature's secret way? Compelled by the grandeur of it all, how can I not protect and preserve this for others? It is as second nature as breathing... this forest, simply must be.
It needs no one, and yet needs us all, at the same time.

Even the roadsides here are festooned with fall flowers, Wingstem, Joe-pye-weed, and Goldenrod dance freely along the berm. Mohican State Forest's wildflower display puts the neighboring county roads to shame, and should be a model to the other state forests. Come spend a day and you'll see.

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