Monday, August 24, 2009

Shades of Blue

Greater Mohican Audubon's monthly walk at Byers Wood presented many opportunities for admiring the color blue on Saturday.

Albeit a Gray Hairstreak, it was briefly thought to be a dark female Eastern Tailed Blue. The dove gray underwings, not visable here, tell the full story. This is a hairstreak with few markings, and the unusual habit of perching with open wings. Not a surprising find for this open field, it was fluttering about one of its host plants: Partridge-pea.

Chicory, Chicorium intybus, the most lovely of the summer blues, the softest shade imaginable. This non-native plant, fond of road sides and waste lands was imported as a coffee substitute. It is still served in the breakfast halls of the French Quarter in New Orleans, but I couldn't down a whole cup of the swill. Real coffee for me please!

Indigo Bunting, indigo blue. This fellow perched high among the corn tassels singing a tune and caused us to wonder why bunting favor corn tops. Is it the bugs or the view? We may never know-

And some fine feather-friends from Audubon, all decked out in denim: Bianca, Darrick, Sue and John. It was pleasant to have lower temperatures requiring light jackets, and the sky floated puffy gray clouds in an incredible blanket of blue.
These are the "blues" one wishes to to share with friends!


  1. Nice blue blog. It's my favorite color, especially that chicory shade.

  2. Fabulous blue post, Cheryl! We have the chicory growing here in the Black Hills too, very that indigo bunting, and what a gorgeous shot of the hairstreak!

  3. Nice post.

    I'm with you on the Chicory, it is simply undrinkable, but you have to love the flowers along the roadsides.


  4. Have you tried Camp Coffee? It's a coffee/ chicory liquid blend, made in Scotland, and not bad made with milk and ice.