Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The pale one...

Pale Touch-me-not, Impatiens pallida

A few more passing comments about these native impatiens. Their name is derived by their explosive seed capsules- Touch-me-not. When fully ripe, the 1/2 inch long mini banana-looking fruits peel themselves under pressure. Ka-pow! The seed goes blasting out in all directions, and you are left with a curly green husk in hand.

The yellow species tend to grow a bit taller than the orange one, some form stands in ditches well up to 5 feet in stature- perhaps even more. And interestingly enough, both species seem to like similar conditions: damp ditches or road-sides, stream banks and generally low light. However, they rarely seem to grow side-by-side. Any one care to comment on this?

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