Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring has Sprung.

Finally, Spring has sprung here in Mid-Ohio.

The Crocus in my yard are blooming, and several European Honey Bees were servicing them. It is not surprising the phrase "the birds and the bees" came about.  After all, bees are the primary reproduction aides for many of our plants.  

 Looking a little scruffy, but happy to be in the sunshine, a Red Squirrel is working the seed pile under my bird feeders. One can only hope he isn't engineering a way to get to his "higher source" (of bird seed).

 Whoa, a sure sign of spring.  Winter weary joggers headed to the local bike trail for the season's first run.
Several couch potatoes panted past as I soaked up sunshine and the ambient songs of spring.

One of the best vernal pools for listening to the "clack, clack, clack" of Wood Frogs is located on the Richland County bike trail.  Go here to see and hear a You-tube video of calling Wood Frogs.

Snowdrops, Galanthus nivalis are planted along the trail.  I haven't seen any native wildflowers in bloom yet, but I'll not be a native plant snob today.  It is so wonderful to see something -anything- in bloom!

Welcome Spring!  We have been waiting for you.

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  1. We are so ready for the warmth and bright things of spring. Love hearing the first peeper frogs in the spring.