Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Winter World

Don't think of it as winter, but rather- our rest. 

One might believe Spring has refused to come to Mid-Ohio, and a new ice age has crept across our land.  Winter winds howled as several inches of snow blanketed our lawns and the spring flowers we had hoped to see. This too, shall pass.  No harm has been done, as our spring ephemerals are the most cold tolerant of flowers. Once temperate weather returns, the grass will get green and the wildflowers will make up for lost time.  

Meanwhile, I plan to inhale deeply; one last breath of winter and rest, before I dive into the madness we call May. The next blog posts will surely be of flowers and warblers, but let's admire the wonders of winter one last time. 

Ice formations at Mohican Outdoor School, photo by Michael Godfrey.
Festooning the rock walls at the Mohican Outdoor School, water has been captured mid-air and hardened into sculptures of ice. Our Hemlock Falls is one of the true winter beauty spots of the Mohican area.

Mohican Outdoor School

The mosses retain their green when the ice recedes, in spite of the coldest weather.  These hills are alive with ferns, lichens and mosses. They create an enchanted isle of emerald even in mid-winter.

A mini resort, for Chippy.
At home, I have created a mini island of moss covered rock, complete with icicles.  The stacked sandstone fountain in my bird friendly landscape now reminds me of my favorite Mohican haunts.  Mr. Chipmunk seem to approve.  We both enjoy this natural element in my suburban lawn. Nature is the best teacher, and winter is an excellent time to reflect on nature's perfect ways.

Winter is best spent with a warm fire and a good book.  My book of choice, during these days of rest and reflection, is Bernd Heinrich's Winter World.  It is my new favorite on my book shelf.  Heinrich reveals the ingenuity of animals and their winter secrets for survival.  Give me one more day to finish this book, and then we can all happily move on to spring. 

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