Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Gulls, gulls, gulls!

If ever there was a day for watching gulls, it was this morning on the Cleveland lakefront at 72nd Street. It  provided a spectacular opportunity to study gulls up-close and personal.  Today's clear weather and blue skies afforded the perfect light.

I spent a little time practicing moving shots of gulls feeding and looking for some rare white-winged gulls.  We had both Glaucous  and Iceland Gulls, but they were a bit far out for good photos.

 Something kicked the birds up and the resulting movement was fast and frenzied.

Photographer Ian Adams was making good use of the light.  I will be looking forward to his blog post on the topic. This guy is an artist with a camera.

 If you are interested in learning photography tips from the master, you should sign up for Ian's trip at Flora-Quest.  Don't wait, though- it is nearly full!

The lake is frozen over, so this open water at the hot water outlet at the 72nd Street power plant is ground zero for gull watching. If you haven't been there yourself- check out the video below to see what you have been missing.  It is mind boggling that one minute you feel as though you are in the wilderness of Alaska,  while just over your left shoulder lies the city of Cleveland.  


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  1. Cheryl: I enjoyed chatting with you on Wednesday at E. 72nd Street. What a fabulous place to view gulls. I'm looking forward to Flora-Quest on May 3-5.