Wednesday, November 14, 2012

We Need Trees.

Trees have been foremost on my mind, and I am pleased to announce Dr. Joan Maloof will be the keynote speaker at Flora-Quest this year.  Go here to learn about the program she recently gave at Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

We need trees, now more than ever.  And not just for lumber.  Trees clean the air and old growth forests hold moisture even during droughts.  Trees just might the the key to saving our planet- or we mere humans living on the planet.

My challenge to you today is to slow down and look, really look at the trees around you today.  Do you see how the bark varies from species to species?  Note the buds, some are skinny and pointy while others are huge honking things. Most leaves have fallen, but some of the oaks and young beech trees hold their leaves into winter.

Look. at. trees.   Birds like them, botanists adore them, and there is much we can learn from them.

It is not a choice of the economy or ecology.   Good ecological practices are good for people, and cheaper in the long run.  There are  no clean up costs to pay! 

Join me in celebrating life- just a little- and go hug a tree!   

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