Friday, November 2, 2012

My Birdy Buddies

If you are in the Mid-Ohio region, tonight could be your big chance to see a saw-whet Owl up close and personal!
Saw-whet:  the little owl with a huge personality!
There may be nothing on earth cuter than a Saw-whet Owl, and tonight is dedicated to Saw-whets at  Lowe-Volk Park.  Come out to learn more about these little owls.  Once you have seen them up-close and personal- you may never be the same.

Bob Scott Placier with saw-whet owl
My friend Bob Scott Placier, College Prof., bird bander and OOS Board member extraordinaire will be at Lowe Volk park this evening: Friday Nov 2.  He'll have his nets strung for Saw-whet Owls.  

 Hope you join us this evening.  All the details are here.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 or Greg Miller?
Saturday Night is a big deal too!  We will have an encore showing of The Big Year at Gorman Nature Center- and Greg Miller will be on hand to crack-wise and answer your questions. 

 You'll not want to miss this! Join us at Gorman Nature Center,2295 Lexington Ave., Mansfield Ohio, 44907 Details here.

Greg Miller and Cheryl Harner
So, join us for two nights of fun and birding!  I would love to introduce you to my wonderful friends!


  1. How fun! One of these years I've got to make this!

    1. Yes, we simply must reduce the miles between Marietta and Mansfield. It would also reduce our carbon footprint.

      Now that is a political plan we could all get behind!