Sunday, August 5, 2012

No Place like Harpster.

If you are interested in shorebirds, or butterflies or native plants- Killdeer Plains is a spot you are likely to visit in Ohio.  But have you ever considered stopping in nearby Harpster?

Picturesque Harpster, Ohio
This is classic Americana, folks.  And it is going fast.  

 Some of the buildings may have reached the point of no-return.  However, it was this lovely antique- festooned in flowers- which first caught my eye.  Then it captured my heart.  With some time to kill, I set out to photo document this lovely relic of a time gone by

Trumpet-Creeper, Campsis radicans
The Trumpet-Creeper has fully ensconced the building, completely obscuring the front door.  This building may no longer attend to "people" business.. but "nature's " business was brisk. 
Pollinators and hummingbirds visit the vines.  These deep orange flowers are a magnet for wildlife, even in the city.

 This gianormous wasp caught my attention.  I watched intently as it searched among the seed pods.  It might have been looking for some protein-filled caterpillar to predate. He posed no threat to me.

 A train whistle blew, and my attention turned back to the street.  Not much traffic in this scenic old town.

The granary stands as the center of town, just as it should.  It is likely this town grew up with those tracks hauling grain and goods away and bringing the daily mail.  It was the heart-beat of progress in mid-Ohio.

Those times are passing folks and we are losing the best parts of our county.  If you like to meet small town people and see local communities thrive, then stop off at the local "Backwoods" store and by your lunch.  Purchase gas from the small town operators in the villages you pass through.

McDonalds and Marathon have enough people buying their goods, and if you want to keep these remaining holds on our past, we need to support them with our dollars.  Invest in local communities.

There is a good life in Harpster,Ohio.  I hope you don't blink and let it pass you by.


  1. I recommend the pizza at the store (Backwoods) in Harpster- a great place to take a break and fuel up on your next birding foray at Killdeer Plains.

  2. Good to know!

    I might also add, they have a lovely selection of Hershey's ice Cream. Jim Davidson favors the chocolate.