Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nova Scotia- a haunting

Having just returned from Nova Scotia, I have barely shaken the white sand from my shoes, much less the haunting feelings evoked by visiting some of the most beautiful sea-scapes in the world.  In the world. Certainly you think I over state this?

The Harbor at Lunenburg

And yet, Old Town Lunenburg has been named a UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) Heritage Site of outstanding universal value.  It is deemed- right up there with the Pyramids of Egypt and the Serengeti National Park of Africa- as a cultural value to the world.  

 Lunenburg is breath-taking sight.  Understated, yet elegant.  It is so hauntingly beautiful, I would be on a return flight today if it were humanly possible.

The water front is home to the Bluenose, a ship of great fame. 

 The Spinnaker Inn has fabulous meals- I recommend the fish cakes served with a cranberry rhubarb sauce. To die for.

This is my friend John Kirk, the rascal responsible for getting me back to Nova Scotia.  He is shy, so I will put his photo small, but note the fish above his head.  These elegant beasties are on many of the street corners, and I photographed several of them for the future amusement of my daughter JJ.

 Ship in port.
 More eateries...
 and the real reason I returned to Nova Scotia.  Puffins.  Yes, we'll have the details of an entire Puffin adventure, coming soon!

Coffee?  I love coffee, especially the bird friendly type.

Whales?  Yes, they are here my dears.  But I was too busy chasing birds and picking blueberries to be bothered with Moby Dick.  However, I did photograph the town where they filmed the recent movie.

All to come.  Nova Scotia, a beautiful land where sky meets sea.  Lobsters, laughter and a coast scraped clean by the glaciers.  Peggy's Cove, Lunenburg, whales and Puffins, don't forget the Puffins.  An improbable bird, to be sure.

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