Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bobolinks Festival Huge Success

The weather was picture perfect today, as 120 some folks gathered in Ashland County's Byers Wood.  We were celebrating the Bobolinks in residence and the conservation of grassland birds. It was not that long ago that these birds' nests were destroyed each year by the mowing scheduled to maintain the capped off landfill mounds.

Greater Mohican Audubon Society and Ashland Park District started this event 6 years ago, in order to promote a mowing schedule favorable to Bobolinks.  It is popular event, which provides up-close viewing of grassland birds and a nice mix of educational displays and vendors.

 Celebrities?  YES!  We have Jen Brumfield: birder, artist, tour guide and dragonflier extraordinaire.  And Greg Miller: THE Greg Miller of The Big Year (book and movie).

 Our members help out in a big way.  Diana and Don Plant set up educational displays, Don Beam brings native plants, Mel Bolt manned a Bluebird display. Hugh and Judy Kolo-Rose brought the Black Swap Bird Observatory display and Ohio Ornithological Society was on hand with goodies too!  Gary, Sue, Su,   Bianca, Derrick, John and Sue, Greg and Leslie all pitched in too.  It couldn't be done without them.

And the birders came from all across the state!  There were 22 counties of Ohio represented and birders of all levels and interest, from beginners to experts.  

The Bobolinks did not disappoint.

The new star of the show are the Dickcissels being seen at Byers. We will be most interested in watching the timing and locations of their nests.  It is a bonus to have these much rarer birds benefit from the grassland management that favors our Bobolinks.

Dave Duncan from BeeOlogy was our special guest.  His daring deeds with bumblebees and other pollinators make for great conversation.  The products offered by BeeOlogy are the best and I stocked up on my soap supplies.

Thanks to all our partners and friends who attend and make this event possible.  It looks like the Bobolinks will have another successful year, thanks to you!

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