Sunday, February 27, 2011

Master Gardeners partner with Kingwood Center

People interested in botany and horticulture are fortunate to have several excellent resources in mid-Ohio, including Richland County Master Gardeners and Kingwood Center.

Kingwood Center is a horticultural jewel, open to the public since 1953. I often have the pleasure of conducting tours for them, especially for Master Gardener or Garden Club tours. Kingwood is now closed for the winter, until March 1st. However, we had a special event on Saturday.

The local Master Gardeners are teaming up with Kingwood to pool our resources. Our Saturday training session for trainees took place at Kingwood, with one of Ohio's best Horticultural speakers, Dr. Laura Deeter. Dr. Deeter teaches horticultural classes at OSU's Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) in Wooster.
She is a real dynamo! Six hours of class room time goes by in a flash when Dr. Deeter is on stage, as she has earned several Distinguished Teacher Awards, one from ATI and one from OSU Alumni Association. If you ever have an opportunity to hear her speak, go for it! Not only is she well versed on landscaping and ornamentals, she is well-acquainted with the native species too.

And yes, her license plate reads, "Garden Hoe." That should give you some idea of the energy and enthusiasm that awaits her lucky students!
Thanks for speaking to our group, Laura! Kingwood can't wait to have you back again.

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