Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The White Stuff

Shawnee State Park and Forest offers a myriad of natural delights and while the birding is good, the botany and butterflies are excellent as well. This southern Ohio treasure trove aways provides something I just don't get to see back home in Richland County. on photo enlarge

American Ipecac has distinctive leaflets, and five petals- which should not be too surprising for a member of the rose family. The flowers have a dove like quality as they flutter in a breeze. Lack of color is certainly compensated by the uniquely shaped leaves and flowers.

Appalachian Azure is technically blue -however it is such a light shade- it qualifies a bluish-white in my palette of colors. This southern species is a bit larger and more "floppy" in flight than our Spring or Summer Azures. You'll only need to see one fly to know the difference, and if you don't believe me...

well, phooey on you (sticking her tongue out!)

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