Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Swimming with Sharks

IF you were following the last 2 installments, you'll know I have recently deposited my youngest in Philly, PA where she will continue her career as a person who swims with sharks. (Thanks for bearing with me, we'll get back to botany in the next blog.)

JJ gave her Grandfather and me the "insider's tour." An aquarium is a fascinating place to visit, and even more so when your tour guide knows each and every animal first hand. She has worked with many of these sea creatures in other aquariums, so she knows just what she is getting into.


And she'll be getting into water... with sharks. This is a diver having a "close encounter" with a Shark Ray (or banjo guitarfish.) This is an unusual relative of the rays, and rarely found in aquaria. Divers always go into these tanks in twos; you want someone watching your back when you are swimming with sharks and rays.

A little more aquarium humor, this sign was posted where the divers enter the shark tanks.

Outside the shark tanks in a reef display, just when you thought the water was safe! The only time JJ was ever really in danger of being bitten was by an eel. So I photographed all the possible suspects at her new aquarium.

This fellow has the teeth and the camouflage to make him the scariest eel in my book. I hope she remembers the old song:
When an eel grabs your thigh when your just passing by-
That's a Moray!

Best wishes to JJ on her new job, and hope you enjoyed the insider's tour.

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