Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ruining Birders

Yesterday was the combined Greater Mohican Audubon and The Wilderness Center trip to Magee. We had a nice crowd, and the birds did their best to keep us well entertained. But perhaps, because I have spent so much time looking down in search of a Connecticut Warbler, or perhaps because I have A.D.D.- I saw a lot of other nature forms on this trip.

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There is a healthy crop of the Comfrey plant, Symphytum officinale now blooming along the Magee Boardwalk. This non-native plant, (the moniker officinale- means "of the shops" meaning it was sold medicinally) was once commonly used in teas and herbal remedies.

Yes, I confess, I ruined some perfectly good birders, convincing them that botany is way cool. "Go ahead Bianca, take a photo of this awesome purple flower!"

All the wildlife seemed to be on the move today. This was the first day the mosquitoes were out in full-force, and the green frogs were happily singing about it! This Northern Water Snake was just "hanging out," probably enjoying a bit of sun.

And what do you call a snail hitching a ride on a Painted turtle's back? Es-car-on-the-go, of course!

In spite of my fool hardy efforts, Sue Evanoff (standing left, in the tan) did her best keeping this group corralled and seeing all the warblers, cuckoos and local resident birds.
Thanks to Sue E. and Su Snyder for organizing this trip and herding this group of birders all around the boardwalk on a beautiful spring day.


  1. Q: What did the snail on the turtle's back say?
    A: "Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    Thanks for putting a picture to a joke I remember from 4th grade...

  2. Pretty funny! The pleasure was all mine-