Friday, April 30, 2010

Flora-Quest, YEAR FOUR

The folks have gathered at Shawnee Lodge and some of the most amazing guides in Ohio came in this afternoon for a pre-scout. It didn't take long to find orchids and warblers- two of the staples for nature enthusiast visiting Shawnee.

We enjoyed "in your face" views of a Cerulean, Kentucky, Worm-eating and Pine Warblers... and many more birds to round out the days list. A trip to the Eulett Center at the Edge of Appalachia produced Henslow's Sparrow and Chuck-will's-widow- a two life bird day for me!

The orchids are spectacular this year. Plenty of Pink and Yellow Lady's-slippers to be found here. And the more diminutive, Showy Orchis display is unlike anything I have ever seen. I saw more of these roadside beauties in one location today, than I have seen in the entire rest of my life. Was it a good day? Hm, does a bobcat skulk in the woods? Oh, and we saw one of those too!
We had to swear our trip attendees they would not rub it in to the less fortunate ones! Some times it is just hard to be humble- especially when things are this good!

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