Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Looking out my back door-

With Flora-Quest less than a week away, it's awfully hard to do paperwork and busing schedules on such a beautiful day! Although the wind has a bit of a bite, the view beyond my office window keeps calling to me.

So as a small reward for several tasks accomplished... I took a walk out to the garden. Work is portioned out between botanical temptations, which dangle like "carrots" offered as reward.

Sure enough, the iris and cat-mint were blooming without me, giving ne'er a thought to my toil.

At least the Barn Swallows down at the creek were being industrious, sweeping past the babbling current, perilous stunt-divers gleaning small gnats and bugs. They have a knack for making productivity look like play, an attitude even an industrious German can admire!

Hiding among my hosta, blooms the dressed-up relative of Dutchman's-breechsCorydalis.  This one is Corydalis lutea, a native to the Alps, but we do have a yellow Corydalis which is an Ohio native. So, forgive my "boarding house" reach- but this beautiful little number graces my gardens as well.

Sometimes I just can't help myself from admiring plants that stretch our boundaries, especially a stunner like this.


  1. What a nice way to reward yourself between your busy plannings for the upcoming weekend. I'm so excited, I can't believe it's almost here. See you soon!

  2. Your Corydalis is actually a different species than you think. Look up Corydalis lutea, native to the Alps.