Monday, January 25, 2010

Vegging out in Florida

As much as I like winter in Ohio, I figured the Space Coast needed some birders to support their festival in Titusville, Florida, so here I am. Sunshine, 70+ degrees, and loads of cool things to see.

A Common Moorhen, with his retro-style colorful, dinosaur-headpiece, trolling the shallows off the Kissimmee Lakefront Park. It was our first destination, as it is a short stop off from the Orlando Airport and the land of a million kids!

We found several emptied Apple Snails, the favorite food of the endangered Snail Kites which breed in this area. Limpkins are said to be fond of this snail as well, so if you are a birder, you should be interested in these snails. And snails have to eat, so it starts with the botany, as these guys are vegetarians! It is all about the botany.

Here is a scary, scary sign announcing more development on this lake. I am sure the city fathers are quite proud, but the Snail Kites and I hope someone is watching out for the Apple Snails and the important plant life surrounding this lake.
And now for some happy news!

An idea for the environmentally minded consumer: hire a lawn aeration service which benefits your lawn by creating those important cores of aeration and adding needed fertilizer- all in a noiseless "residential friendly" flock. "Green" Ibis are now available for hire, but only south of the Mason-Dixson line!


  1. I heard you were going to get six feet of snow down there!
    Have fun, we're thinking of you!
    Me and the Doodles

  2. howdee Cheryl,
    i have been perusing your Florida adventures...Looks like your seeing allot..and well the weather is a bit warmer than home...:) Enjoy!