Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Miami: Nice.

I'll not be watching any more cop shows featuring the crime in the fair city of Miami, Florida. I prefer to focus on the natural history and scenic portions of our southern most state, as I just deposited my youngest offspring there for a six month stint at the Miami Seaquarium.

Even with the recent record low temperatures, the beauty of the generally tropical climate speaks for itself.

What's not to love about a state whose native plants include the coconut palm, Cocos nucifera? Palms are the icon for vacations with sunshine and beaches, a promise Miami delivers. This photo of a cruise ship at harbor was taken from downtown Miami, where the waterfront park was designed to drink in the ocean view.

The coast along Virginia and Biscayne Key offers a spectacular view that continues on to the panoramic view of the city. These keys are accessible by boat or a causeway (just like Cedar Point, kids!) from downtown Miami, and offer several Florida State Parks known for wildlife and birding. We ventured out to discover the Bill Bags Florida State Park and its "No Name Cove."

A closer look at the shoreline rubble shows is it comprised of the surface bedrock called Miami Oolite (aka Miami Limestone), which holds Florida's geologic seashell history in a composite material. Even with colder temps (in the 50's) there was much to see and do in Miami with incredible plants and animals to discover.
Stay tuned for the iguana adventures!


  1. Wow! The fifties would be like a heat wave!
    Have fun Cheri!
    Loopy and the Doodles

  2. I would say it was good to be back... but it was good to be there!