Sunday, January 10, 2010

Botanizing at 80 MPH

After Saturday's GMAS meeting, my daughter and I scuttled out the door and headed for the south- about as far south as you can head in the U.S. without hearing a "splash." Tomorrow's final goal is Miami, Florida.

Today's scenery pretty much consisted of Georgia and the upper regions of Florida. Because this trip has a fairly tight time frame, I have refrained from much binocular use and have contented myself with whatever I can see at 80 miles and hour. Yes, she has a bit of a lead foot.

Georgia sported the first bits of green on our trip, as the snow has reached all the way into Tennessee. And while the day time temps have been hovering in the high 30's, it is not all that bad.

We drove past several pecan groves, fairly recognizable even in the winter. The delicious Pecans, Carya illinoinenses are members of the Juglandaceae family. They require a warmer climate than we have in Ohio, and Georgia is well-known for their pecans and pecan pie. Hopefully, we can stop long enough to sample some!

Photo courtesy of Flicker- we were driving too fast to get my own! More from Miami later...

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  1. Florida!? Not fair, we're stuck in Ohio with the temp sitting at 20...
    By the way...slow down!