Friday, November 13, 2009

Cedar Falls, Adams County

Having just returned from Adams and Scioto Counties from a planning trip for Flora-Quest, I am excited as ever to be a part of offering educational forays led by some of Ohio's best botanists. We are making some great plans, so mark May 1 and 2nd 2010 on your calender.

Just one of the locations I got to check out while in Adams County, the tour of Cedar Falls is a wildly popular Flora-Quest trip each year. Although it was not surrounded by spring wildflowers on my recent visit, it was certainly as lovely as ever, in a subdued sort of way.

Calm.... there is nothing like a waterfall for centering your perspectives. We are but a water-drop in the stream of life.

And the hike to the falls offered new perspectives in flora as well. This was the first I have seen Elliott's Beard Grass, Andropogon gyrans in seed. What a lovely wispy addition to the prairie flora! For those interested in learning more about the varieties of Andropogons- I suggest you go to The Vasculum for an in depth treatment of these grasses. He conveys the message so much better than I ever could. Enjoy!


  1. There might not have been wildflowers, but at least YOU got to see water in the waterfall. It seems every time I trek to the Hocking Hills, it is in the middle of a dry spell. I didn't think there was ever any water there! Thanks for the photo proof that there is.

  2. KatDoc, although Hocking Hills is beautiful, this isn't the Cedar Falls they are talking about. This Cedar Falls is located in Adams County. Sadly, since the tornado went through back in 2012 (and some not so nice neighbors with shotguns), it is very hard to get back there now. I used to go back there all the time as a kid with my sisters, cousins, and grandma. I remember it being beautiful.