Monday, September 21, 2009

MBS: Dawn at the Marblehead Lighthouse

Sunrise off the Marblehead lighthouse is beautiful to behold, and it was especially wonderful to share with some of my Midwest Birding Symposium friends. The bloggers were out in droves, certainly Nina fom Nature Remains and Kathi at Kat-Doc got great photos too. Be sure to check their posts, along with Jim McCormac's Birds and Biodiversity- who has the first of his posts up already.

Dawn at the Marblehead Lighthouse (click to enlarge)

As an Bald Eagle flew overhead, the shush of the waves lapped the shore, balancing the incredible beauty of dawn's first light, and it was just one of the highlights of MBS. Now multiply that feeling by 5, and you'll get and idea of the high of 800 participants (especially for those of us who saw the Kirtland's Warbler).

Thanks to the many, many volunteers from all over the state- without them we could not have done MBS. Special thanks to Bill , Ann, Laura and Katbird from Birdwatcher's Digest for pulling the strings to make this event go. And the incredible OOS Team: Jen, Jim, Marc, Judy, Andrea, Ann and Dana for the many months of work that went into the event. Thanks also to Lakeside and their awesome team! Hope to see you all again in 2011!


  1. I was highly impressed with how well this event was run. I know how hard you all worked, and send out a big thanks to EVERYONE involved. Ohio birders are remarkably dedicated to these big events.

    It was a great homecoming for me. Hope to see you at Magee Marsh again in 2010!

    Tons of love, Laura

  2. That photo is simply gorgeous. What a nice capture.

  3. Darn it Cheryl...when I read the title..I was hoping it was about me somehow making it over to the MBS....oh well darn..I didnt make it!
    Oh well..
    I really hope we can be there in 2011..i read tweets and facebook posts..also blog posts..
    everyone had a great time.
    Congrats to you Cheryl..i have read you had allot to do with the success!

  4. Hey Dawn- I actually DID think of you when I was writing that!!!

    It was a awesome weekend- and it was good to see both Laura and Janet. My birdy buddies- are the best!

  5. Thanks-

    I lived in Marblehead for nearly 20 years... but this was the first time I saw the lighthouse at dawn!