Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lakeside: My ship finally comes in

Here it is: The Goodtime cruise boat, plying the water just off the Lakeside dock this evening. Nearly 225 Midwest Birder folk boarded for a Sunset Cruise, which did not disappoint! Everyone had a great time as the weather was spectacular, the sunset a ball of orange, and the food ... incredible! It was a lovely spread, and the generous birders even brought popcorn for the birds!

Thanks to Jason, Kathy, Ethan, Loopy, Ernie and Sheryl- who pitched in for Janet (hope you are feeling better soon!) And thanks to all the patrons for making it such a fun event. OK, the bird list may have remained in the single digits, but it was a great way to kick off the week end. Midwest Birding: much more to come!


  1. Thanks for taking care of me this weekend, with directions, rides, bird updates, etc... :)

  2. was fun seeing you all over the place up at Lakeside! You did a lot of work!! Great to finally meet you. I had such a good time...crazy good. I can't wait to go back to the next symposium.

  3. Cheryl: You handled the boat cruise details with the flair of Captain Steubing! Thanks for all of your fine help, ideas, and connections. You made invaluable contributions to the success of the MBS.

  4. Hey thanks all!

    But really Bill, can't I be Julie McCoy (the Cruise Director)?