Monday, September 14, 2009

The Butterflies of Claridon Prairie

The Claridon Railroad Prairie is a rare remnant of the Sandusky Plains Prairie, and it was this prairie enthusiast's delight to meet Trella Romine, Gale Martin and other good friends for the grand tour this afternoon. But the butterflies stole the show! After a summer with record low sightings of the flying jewels, I basked in the glory of multiple species, along with a showcase of Prairie plants. And now without further delay:

The most common, yet pleasing Orange Sulphurs were nectaring nearly exclusively on asters. Two common species, yet... how enchanting.

This was the thrill of the day: Common Checkered Skipper (not so common in my book) on Saw- tooth Sunflower, Helianthus grosseserratus

A Monarch utilizing a Boneset or Tall Snakeroot, Eupatorium altissimum as a nectar plant.

The peachy tones of a Painted Lady's underwing are almost more pleasing than the brilliantly colored upperwings. This one favored the Flat-topped (or Grass-leaved) Goldenrod, Euthamia graminifolia .

And the grand finale'- the first Buckeye butterfly I have seen this year, on one of Ohio's most stunning goldenrods: Riddell's Goldenrod, Solidago ridellii. Note the leaves reflexing and arching away from the stem.
Prairie plants and butterflies- the best part of a fall day.


  1. Very nice Cheryl- The common checkered skipper is a new one for me.


  2. Brilliant Butterfly pictures Cheryl

  3. Great pictures, of three butterflies that are similar to those familiar to us over this side (albeit with different names: Clouded Yellow, Grizzled Skipper and Painted Lady) and a couple which aren't, although a few Monarchs seem to cross the Atlantic each year.