Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Meet Blue-eyed Mary

Meet Blue-eyed Mary, Collinsia verna- isn't she a lovely girl? We met this bi-colored beauty at the John James Audubon Park in Henderson, KY., but she can also be found in numerous Ohio counties.

Collinsia have five petals, and the lower ones resemble a "lip," a very good hint for placing it in the right floral family: Scrophulariaceae. A rather diminutive flower, it can be found mixed among other spring ephemerals, or in large stands of the singular flower.

The Audubon State Park in Henderson, KY, is a fantastic site for birdwatching and botanizing, and home to the J.J. Audubon Museum. I can think of no better way to spend a delirious afternoon than among wildflowers and historic Audubon bird prints. In order to best conserve the artwork, no camera are allowed (the camera flash is deadly to fine art), so I resorted to the next best thing: I bought a print to show you! Ah yes, the lengths I will go for a blog-spot!

And now- Audubon. A picture is worth a thousand words when the art is this good.

It will be even better in my livingroom. :)

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