Friday, April 10, 2009

Louisiana Wetland Preserves

The Louisiana Gulf Coast's Cameron Parish is home to Cameron Prairie NWR and Sabine (pronounced Sah-bean by the locals) NWR. A massive complex of over 125,000 acres, is managed to protect and perpetuate coastal marshes providing food and habitat for migratory birds and other native wildlife.

Blue Iris at the headquarters office greeted guests; Louisiana has its own native iris- Iris giganticaerulea as well as a highly invasive yellow, Iris pseudacorus.

The Creole Nature Trail provides an up-close look at rice farms, wetlands, and coastal plains.

One of the day's many highlights was this Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, displaying his outrageous tail to a very lovely female. I was fortunate to see a pair of these birds, considered an"occasional" sighting at the refuge in the spring. If Murphy's Laws for birding are intact, they should be appearing at my feeders in Ohio next week!

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