Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Little Flower that could...

Texas has a most beloved state flower, known far and wide for its beauty and tenacity. And while this flower grew into the hearts of Texans, it was a little lady, Lady Bird to be exact that put wildflowers on the map in this big state.

Lady Bird Johnson, the soft-spoken wife of the consummate Texan - President Lyndon Baines Johnson, was an advocate of beautifying America's cities and byways with wildflowers and promoted natural resources during her tenure as First Lady.

Texas roadside beautification and the Bluebonnet, Lupinus texensis eventually became synonymous. True, the Texas Bluebonnet was already beautiful, but Lady Bird made her famous. April is peak bloom for these mini lupines and the fields and highway medians boast of beauty- as only a Texan could.

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