Tuesday, March 4, 2014

 It is that time again!  Our Flora-Quest friends will be gathering to learn more about Ohio and some of our native plants.  This year we are convening at a new location.

To learn more about the event ( being held on a Monday and Tuesday) go to our web page at www.flora-quest.com,  You will find a registration on-line, and you best be quick.  We are only allowing 60 participants this year- so it will fill to capacity in short order.

Marblehead Lighthouse
This is the first time Flora-Quest is being held in northwest Ohio and it is more of a workshop format, but wait 'til you see what is in store!

Everyone will visit our favorite locations and see the rare Lakeside Daisy.  You can learn all about alvars  (sneak peak on alvars- here).  We have two hotels lined up, and it is perfect timing to see the most migration of neo-tropical birds!  

Black-Swamp Bird Observatory hosts its annual event, Biggest Week In American Birding,  where you can also pick and choose from  wonderful guides, speakers and trips- a mere 20 minutes from our location in Lakeside/ Marblehead.  Our pricing is more reasonable than ever this year, and I can't wait to share some of my favorite places in the world with you.

Remember to bring your camera!  We will be visiting Ohio's most photographed location: the Marblehead Lighthouse!

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