Monday, December 2, 2013

Small offering

If you were interested in the lacewing larva in the previous post, here is an opportunity for a brief closer look.

 I video recorded  the bug moving about on a tree trunk.  My friend, Michael Godfrey, did a little editing for me and now we have a small offering of the bug in action. Actually, it is a VERY small offering as the bug is about the size of only the head of Lincoln on a penny. It is a tribute to Michael that anything was in focus, but watch for the bug's tiny feet in motion.

Here it is for viewers at home, unless you you are using an Apple product, in which case you will want to click on the Youtube version: Lacewing larva on the move

If you are interested in watching some real videos, you might want to mosey on over to Michael's blog at Birding on the Farm.  He has been watching and video recording the birds on his farm in Virginia and has some interesting insights to share. Michael was our featured guest at Greater Mohican Audubon's  Benefit for Bobolinks this year, and you will want to note his posts on grassland birds.

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