Sunday, May 12, 2013

More Fun from Biggest Week

So what do eco-tourism guides do on their day off?  Go birding of course!  

We enjoyed the Window on Wildlife at Pearson Park so much, Greg Miller and I decided to return for more photos.

Rose-breasted Grosbeak
Note the rose colored patch on male Rose-breasted Grosbeaks.  They are surprisingly variable in size and shape.  This one is rather jagged and "lighting" like!

Red-bellied Woodpecker
BEHOLD!  The belly is red!

One of the great mysteries of life: why did they call them "Red-bellied Woodpecker"?
In this rare shot, you can actually see the red on the woodpecker's belly.  Another birding mystery: solved.

Screech Owl
Does anyone else think this Screech Owl closely resembles Oscar-the-Grouch? I took this picture from the  boardwalk behind the Nature Center at Maumee Bay State Park.

Woodchuck, or Whistle-pig?
In Pearson Park, a Woodchuck (A.K.A. Whistle-pig) was feeding on the seed beneath the bird feeders.  It was fun to have a mammal present, besides the usual feeder-crashing squirrels. Although technically, a Woodchuck is the largest member of Ohio's squirrel family.

Eastern Chipmunk
Showing those chippy colors: yipes, stripes! We could safely say Chippies are the smallest of Ohio's squirrels.  Somehow this blog has become the Biggest Week in American Squirrels.  I am prepped to be a guide for that event!

Raccoon taking an afternoon snooze.
All this birding (and squirreling) wore me out.  I was pretty jealous when we found this raccoon taking an afternoon snooze at Maumee Bay.  We can only hope there were no Wood Ducks, past or present, inhabiting that box.  I fear the outcome would not be so good.

It was wonderful to see so many friends and spend time with fellow eco-freaks in northwest Ohio.  For now, I bid you good-bye and plan to get caught up on a little rest myself.


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  1. Hi Cheri! Bobby has been busy all over the place I see. From what I've seen in our garden we should have a fresh batch of chippies soon!