Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wings over Cocoa Beach, Florida

Multitudes of "snowbirds" have gathered near Titusville, Florida for the annual Space Coast Birding Festival.  We have great digs just off of Cocoa Beach, with miles of sand and sunshine (apologies to my friends left in Ohio.)
 Tonight we saw the most amazing sight as we were crossing the bridge to the island.  What "wings" were we seeing?

 It is a bird, a plane.. no-  it is a KITE!  (Not a Snail Kite, either.)

There were a handful of intrepid athletes, attached to surf boards, being towed along by kites.  They call this kiteboarding. Go here to see what is is all about.

They start out flat on their back in the water...

 The kite catches wind, and the lift begins.

 Here he is, hanging on for dear life!

What could be more awesome than scooting across the water with the sun setting at your back?

This gal was really cutting the moves...
                                maybe next time, it will be me!

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