Monday, April 11, 2011

Who likes Native Plants?

Who likes native plants in the landscape? Apparently, I am not the only one! A recent visitor to Mt Hope, Ohio has been wowing the locals- birders and non birders alike. This Long-eared Owl was recently taking shelter in the arborvitaes, or Northern White-cedar, Thuja occidentalis.
Late March and early April are a good time to search evergreens in nature preserves, woodlots, cemeteries and....

in your landscape?

This was the easiest Long-eared Owl find ever- a short walk to the front-yard!! The home owner had no idea what an amazing find they had discovered- until they causally mentioned it to "birding" friends!

Most birders will willingly trudge or ski miles in the snow for the prospect of searching for wintering Long-eared Owls. Even then, we usually come up empty handed, as their cryptic plumage conceals their presence. This is strictly a wintering species in Ohio; soon our visitors will be winging back to Canada for the breeding season.

So farewell little friend! You have inspired me to plant Northern White Cedars in my yard!

And if you visit Mt Hope, be sure to get the pie! It is one of the joys of birding-


  1. Nice! It has been a while since I have seen one of those.

  2. All owls are interesting and hard to see. I was 3 ft. away from a boreal owl before I saw it. It didn't move. I went home for my camera and of course it was gone when I got back.

  3. What a cool visitor. I would like one of these in my trees.Great post.