Friday, December 4, 2009

A Night at the Museum

Complete with scary noises and giant shuffling dinosaurs, the movies don't have anything on the original: Cleveland Museum of Natural History. It was an exciting place to visit when the kids were little, and even more fun now that my daughter is a professional science-type! J.J. and I spent most of Wednesday afternoon banging around the museum, and we found the intriguing array of displays both entertaining and informative.

Calling all plant lovers! Fieldwork: The Rare & the Wonderful at Singer Lake Bog is a new exhibit you will want to see! Tons of photos and information on this N.E. Ohio bog which is chock-full of both plant and insect rarities: Elfin Skimmer dragonflies, Bog Willow are just two of the specialities. If you have not yet been to this bog, at least treat yourself to the display. You can enjoy some of Ohio's coolest plants, without donning your waders!

Getting up close and personal with Ohio plants is as easy as walking down the hall.

Since I was there for Dr. Andy Jones' fun and fascinating program on the latest bird journal reviews, hosted by the Kirtland Bird Club...
it was an awesome opportunity to study the bird "skins" in the lower hall. There is nothing like looking at the real thing for comparisons.
The Cleveland Museum has a wonderful display of Ohio's birds, and we studied these sandpipers pretty intently. Now if we could just get someone to put those little tags on the ones we see out in the field!

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