Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lighthouse Tour

I awoke to the sound of gulls this morning, and realized I had been dreaming of the Ivory Gull.

Actually, I awake to the sound of gulls every morning, it is the nature sound set on my alarm clock. But the Ivory Gull, a polar rarity being seen in New Jersey has been in my mind. As several of us are discussing the possibility of a trip to the coast, it has turned my mind to winter gulls. Yes, it is craziness to pursue gulls on a blustery beach or breakwall. But because I do it, I have seen some of the most incredible lighthouses in Ohio- and beyond.

Marblehead Lighthouse, Marblehead Ohio
Certainly not a surprise that I would list first the "most photographed" location in Ohio. A favorite of mine, since Marblehead was my home for almost 20 years.

Huron Pier light, Huron Ohio
Not as well known or as striking, but this light holds many memories for me. This was a rainy miserably cold day, but I saw my life Sabine's Gull flying circles around this light.

Headlands Light, Mentor Ohio
Wonderful birds and botany at Headlands, and the winters are likely to yield Purple Sandpiper on the rocks.

Peggy's Cove Light, Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia
The Holy Grail for lighthouse aficionados. We visited this rustic coast in fall of 2008; it is a view that could change your life.

So if winter weather makes it too cold for plants, here's wishing you beautiful lighthouses, and good gulls!

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