Saturday, October 10, 2009

Shawshank Redemption Oak

Fall is a spectacular time of year to visit Malabar Farm State Park, and today's Greater Mohican Audubon bird walk was especially scenic.
Our crew walked this lovely pasture in search of grassland birds, and we were not disappointed. Not only did we find Killdeer, Eastern Meadowlarks, Pipit and Horned Larks, we spent some time admiring the old oak standing silent sentinel .
Bogie and Becall were not the only movie stars to be seen around Malabar. This tree is also very famous! It is the oak tree featured in the movie the Shawshank Redemption, and a special note was hidden in the rock wall at the base of the tree. The rock wall is mostly gone now, some suggest it was sold on E-Bay, others say it was only built for the movie. Either way, the site is now protected by a fence, and the dignity of this magnificent tree should be protected as well.

Look around the fields, and you may even find some of the inmates- passing a little time. Or maybe they are just Halloween decorations. For more photos from today's GMAS walk- click on the side bar link to Facebook. You'll see how much fun "birding" can be!


  1. Cheryl watching the movie now again , been on back to back, any idea of what birds are singing in the background when Red is at the wall? Russell Reynolds,, I hit anonymous cause the name didn't work for me

  2. Hey Russ- I would have to watch it again and listn.. I don't know off hand.