Thursday, April 3, 2014

Nature News from our Lakeshore

If you were able to catch my act at Shreve, you'll know I much admire Chuck Slusarczyk, Jr. and his fabulous photos.  Chuck loaned me an entire series of bird shots for my Birding by Habitats, and Habitats for Birding  program.

Eastern Phoebe on Cleveland Lakefront, photo by Chuck Slusarczyk, Jr
Because Chuck spends so much time watching the shores of Lake Erie and documenting the birds found there, he has recorded some important Cuyahoga County natural history. 

Jim McCormac walks you though the science -while featuring Chuck's photos- in an excellent blog post on The Fishing Flycatcher.  If you have not read it yet, please click on the link and read the full story.  

We keep learning fascinating new things from nature everyday.  Keep you eyes open and a camera ready, for you too might witness "Nature News" in the making!

My bird habitat program also featured some of Chuck Slusarczyk, Jr. captures a group of Monarch butterflies in a fall migration rest-stop at Whiskey Island, a important stop-over habitat for these Butterflies on the brink of extirpation.

Hot off the press!!!  Now you can visit all those "secret places" the birders go!
Speaking of Jim McCormac, he has penned a new guide for ODNR and Sea Grant. It covers some of the hottest spots along Lake Erie and the birding information is rounded out the book with tips and tidbits on plants, dragonflies and the like.  I immediately purchased a copy from my friends at the Ohio Ornithological Society's booth at Shreve.

This is your best guide to Lake Erie birding, and an excellent way to get an expert's perspective of the natural history of Ohio's Great Lakes region.  Even though I have been frequenting many of these places for years, there are a host of locations which are all new to me!

On a five star scale- I give this book: 6 STARS !!!  

You can follow this link to Sea Grant to purchase the book, or call our friends at the Black Swamp Birding Observatory's gift shop: (419) 898-4070.  Both organizations will ship one right out to you.

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