Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bring on the snow!

Buck-up you whiners and complainers, we live in Ohio! Ohio gets snow, and cold, and cold snow.  So snap-out-of-it and go visit the wonders that may be hiding in your own back yards!

Snow rollers!  the coolest thing to blow into town.
 I have lived in the land of cold and ice all my life and never heard of snow rollers before.  But they are here now, in a big way.  When I decided to go look for some today, I had to go no further than my front door.  Across the street in a local farm field were the grand-daddies of snow rollers.   These partial sno-men are created when wind blows loose, wet snow across sheets of icy snow pack.

Next thing you know, it is a virtual snow-man factory!  Lots of postings in the news and web if you want to know more of the science behind this phenomenon.  Google round a bit, OK? Here is an explanation by my friend, Deb Marsh at  Around the Bend Ohio or Jim McCormac's take on the event at : http://jimmccormac.blogspot.com/2014/01/snow-rollers-snow-rollers.html.  Very cool, indeed.

Corn-fed Snow Buntings the field next door.
This is my local herd of Snow Buntings.  I admit to visiting them daily and leaving offerings of corn and bird seed, just for the privilege of seeing their black-and-white wings against the snowy backdrop of winter fields.

Snow Buntings are birds from the high arctic, and like Snowy Owls, we seem to have more than usual number visiting Ohio this year.  Crawford County is over-run with them! It is a great honor to have them in our neighborhood, keeping company with the local Horned Larks.

If you haven't the chance to experience Snow Buntings in your own backyard, here is a little video for you. Yes, it is windy, and about -3 degrees.  Aren't you glad you can watch this from the comfort of your home?

Bottom line, quit complaining about the cold and get out there and experience winter!   Besides, some of the best things can be experienced from inside your heated car.


  1. I recorded House Finches singing at an air temperature of 11 degrees yesterday afternoon. I was standing in 9" of snow in the back of the yard, and they were belting out their songs from a utility wire. I was so amused!

  2. Ah, Suzanne loves the post, 'cause she is living somewhere considerably warmer than Ohio.

    Lisa, it is great to hear the birds think spring is coming, and we will all appreciated it as well. It is all about enjoying what we have, when we have it! That is the surest way to be happy.

    Loved hearing from both of you. Cheryl