Friday, October 25, 2013

Old Growth Forest

It is not much of a secret that the Weedpicker is also a tree-hugger.  What better tribute to fall than to make a whirlwind tour of some spectacular trees and fall foliage.  Cooksville, PA was the designated location, as the home of Cooks Forest.

Giant skeletal remains of a native Chestnut tree, being admired by the ol' Weedpicker, Cheryl Harner.
 This Chestnut tree snag is located near the Forest Cathedral in Cooks Forest.  It is all that remains of the giant species which was common prior to the catastrophic Chestnut blight which swept through Pennsylvania in the 1920's.

A staircase leads to yet another portion of silent forest. 
 We first learned of this special Old Growth Forest from Joan Maloof's book, Among the Ancients.  This has been my second visit in a year, as it is but a short trip from Ohio's northeast border to see the soft layered forest floor and old growth trees.
Spectacular fall color.
 The light played through the multi-colored leaves.  What could be more enchanting?

Cheryl  and daughter, Michelle Goodman.
We both give this forest two-thumbs up for beauty, serenity and the woodland scent that makes life seem oh-so-right.

If you have not yet been to an old-growth forest pick up Joan's book, join the Old Growth Forest Network, and learn a little more about this great pleasure in life you may be missing.

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  1. ...thanks for recommending Joan Maloof's book. I just ordered it on Amazon. Looking forward to reading it!