Friday, December 17, 2010

Lakefront on the News

The Cleveland lakefront may not be your number one spot for winter sight-seeing, but somehow, it has an irresistible pull- especially for Lariphiles.

And since I was a scant 5 minutes away from 55th St. today, I could not resist stopping by to see the lake, the gulls, the ice, and luckily- one of my favorite Lariphiles (bird watcher who is fixated on larids/gulls.)

Who other than Jen Brumfield- birder renown and guide for Local Patch Birding and Tropical Birding would be scanning the waters in search of some rarity? Slaty-backed Gull anyone? Sorry, not today.
Although the number of gulls was down a bit, the light was particularly good for sorting the those difficult-to-ID "shad snatchers" and we had numerous Great Black-backed Gulls.
Unfortunately, I had promised only to "look at the ice a bit," but you know I simply had to get out the the car and gawk at just a few of the 2-thousand-plus gulls flying by on this brisk morning.

The lake had decorated the shoreline and all of its trees with a translucent icing. It has a breath-taking quality to it- or maybe that was the 17 degree temps and wind that made it difficult to breath?
Either way, Cleveland got a bit of good press on a national scale today when Al Roker from the MSN-TV Today Show commented about our lighthouse which was also "Erie"ily encased in ice. Go right here* to watch the video.
* If that video link doesn't work- now you can see it on BBC The video has gone viral!

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