Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bird Quiz!

Here is a special quiz (I'll be cheering for all of you GMAS people!)

Did you get it? Kenn Kaufman just had a great article in Birdwatcher's Digest about fledgling birds and their bizarre plumage...hint, hint. OK, give up?

It is a baby Bobolink, making short work of a little lepidopteran snack. We hope to see tons of them next Saturday, June 27th at the Bobolinks and Butterflies at Byers Woods event. You can read the schedule at the GMAS website or follow the Bobolink photo on the sidebar of this blog. But either way, don't miss this chance to support our on-going conservation efforts in Ashland County and a lot of fun too. We'll have the standard 9:00 am GMAS Bird walk and a special set-up of spotting scopes at 11:00 am- so the public can really get a good view of the Bobolinks and other grassland birds. Bring the kiddies out to see our famous migrant from Argentina!

And check out our new sign! Thanks to an Audubon mini-grant, folks can learn all about these special birds. The Ashland Park District folks will be grilling up the hot-dogs and Don Beam of Stucker Meadow will be presenting info on Butterflies and plants- with a great selection of HARD TO FIND native Ohio plants for sale. And now the butterfly fanatics are angling to have an informal butterfly foray at 1:30 pm. Milbert's Tortoiseshells and Harvesters have been seen on this weekend in the past.

We have come a long way from that first seminar in 2007 with Jim McCormac's phenomenal Grassland Birds program and Dr. Stoffer's Butterflies of Byer's Woods. So do the good thing- support conservation and come have a great time! Hope to see you there.

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  1. Hi Cheryl! Is it a Boblink? Oh, wait you said that already. See you at the fest!