Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wild Ohio: The Best of our Natural Heritage

Gary Meszaros gave the keynote presentation at the Ohio Natural History Conference in Columbus yesterday. His stunning photos, many of Ohio’s threatened and endangered species, captured the imagination of the numerous naturalists in the room. Eastern Spadefoot frog, Regal Fritillary butterflies, Arethusa orchids and other flora rarities had me on the edge of my seat.

Gary’s cover photo, on a soon to be released book, is a breath-taking Luna moth. Photos like this, matched with the magic pen of Jim McCormac, are certain to make Wild Ohio a book you’ll covet for your own library. Not only a gifted writer, Jim is one of the finest naturalists in the field, and I would venture to say- not only in Ohio, but well beyond our borders. If excitement for nature were a drug, this guy is a king-pin operator. I mistakenly thought he was just a “bird guy” when we first met, and soon learned his knowledge of botany is encyclopedic! Jim's capacity to immerse himself into knowledge, whether it be butterflies, dragonflies or katydid calls is legendary. And to top it off, he is great fun in the field as he generously shares his knowledge.

My best wishes to Jim and Gary on the upcoming release of their book!

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