Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy's Side-effects

Here in Mid-Ohio we are seeing some of Hurricane Sandy's (now downgraded to a winter storm) side-effects.  Our temps were just cool enough to turn that rain into snow.

The first snow of the year, Oct. 30th, 2012

The view from my office window this morning.  I have seen snow pre-Halloween before, but this probably sets a record for the amount of snow.

The side yard is protected by several large pines, and this is the location I chose for my rain garden/ bird feeding stations.  I installed the rain garden when I was developing a program on wetland plants (The Soggy Bottom Boys)  for the first Mid-West Native Plant Conference.  This garden was the end result.

 I have tinkered with the water garden for several years, never happy with its look or flow.  This year I finally got it right.  It looks pretty natural to me- like a rivulet or stream in Mohican.

What do you think?

 Close up.  Water runs gently from the stones, creating a natural bathing location for the birds.

 The bird seed tray is filled with Pine Siskins this morning.  The snow doesn't bother them at all.

Hang on!  It is still mighty windy, little siskins.  The tray is rocking in the wind, but this northern visitor doesn't seem to mind.

The best part of bird feeding is the non-stop entertainment value on a winter day.  Birders get to reap the benefits of their landscape 364 days a year.  You can keep your big screen TVs, this is my "Home Entertainment System"!


  1. I thought I was getting prepared for all of this last week when it was 83 degrees but it is always a shock when it does appear. LOL! Stay safe.

    1. Thanks Lona-

      We have had no trouble with power, so it has been most enjoyable watching the weather- from the comfort of our home.

      Still, I hope to have some fall planting weather before the snow get too serious.