Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall Color Watch- Beech

 Having traveled from the shores of Lake Erie to the forests of Shawnee, all within the last week, I can say with certainty- No place in Ohio is more beautiful with fall color than the Malabar and Mohican State Parks.

 Last evening the color was absolutely stunning.  

It is fun to play the game- "What tree is it?" using only fall color as an identifier.  It can be done with some accuracy, once you get to know the players.  For example, concentrate on the middle- lower tree in the above photo.  Pay no attention to that bright orange tree screaming out to you (we will get to it later.)

Look at the subtle copper tones of fall:

Copper tones of the American Beech
Cool nights in October transform beech leaves into these copper colored beauties.  There are no other leaves that take on this tone.  

This slide from one of my programs illustrates wonders of the American Beech.  Most people recognize its smooth gray tree bark- not unlike an elephant's skin.  It also has wonderful nuts, most desirable for wildlife.

Now you know it has coppery colors in the fall.

The view from Malabar's Mt. Jeez is incredible this time of year.  There was literally a crowd there last night.  Six car loads of people were admiring the "fireworks" of fall color blasted onto the landscape. The colors at sunrise would be even better, with the sun at our backs.

Take a little time to enjoy this brief flash of color before winter sets in, and try to identify some trees by color alone. You'll gain an even greater appreciation for the wonders in our own backyards.


  1. Tuesday, October 9, was one of the most beautiful fall days I can ever remember. I was at Pleasant Hill Lake (near Mohican SP) and later at Clear Fork Reservoir, and both were spectacular.

  2. Having spent the last six weeks in California, it's been a real treat to come back to Ohio at about the best time of the year. You can take only so much sunshine, palm trees and mid-70 temps.

  3. I agree! It was spectacularly beautiful at Malabar yesterday. And sure Clyde, we are feeling for you- tough duty. We are glad you got back safely.