Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lakeside- Karlson's Photo Class

Sunday Morning of the OOS Conference, I climbed the stairs of the pavilion at the lakefront to attend the Kevin Karlson Photography class.

"Storm watch" at Lakeside Dock
The view, overlooking the dock from the classroom windows, was inspiring. The clouds were rolling across Lake Erie, giving threats of a North-east storm.   

Fall weather on Lake Erie is bi-polar: lovely or brutal. 

 Gordon Lightfoot referred to the "gales of November."  It is a legend on the lakes, immortalized in "The Edmund Fitzgerald."

Kevin Karlson teaches our class about focus and composition of a photo.  If you get an opportunity to take his class, sign up!  We covered a ton of great info including-

the basic principles, like the "rule of thirds."

Lake Erie's sky rules in thirds.

As I looked out the window, the heavens were blessing Kevin's class.

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