Friday, October 12, 2012

Trees- The Color Watch

There is a brief opportunity in autumn to enjoy the riot of colors offered by Ohio's trees. Peak  performance is on for much of the Mohican area; leaves are falling into colorful heaps and lining the sidewalks and pathways.

The Richland County B & O Rails-to-Trails bike path in Mansfield is covered with a festival of fall color.

I dare you to walk through this without shuffling your feet for the optimum sound effect!

Maples are like class clowns- always seeking attention!
Sugar Maples in particular are the acme of leaf color.  If you are seeing brilliant orange foliage, it is probably a maple!

Hickory tree at the top of Mt Jeez.
A golden, yellow is the peak color achieved by Hickory trees. Most of the hickory trees in my yard have already shed their leaves.  Peak fall color will be moving from mid-Ohio and extending both north and south throughout Ohio.

The cooler nights have set the leaf colors ablaze for this short-lived fall phenomenon. Enjoy it while you can, winter is on its way!

If you love trees as much as I do, you'll want to consider this recent release by Ian Adams:

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