Monday, January 23, 2017

Wildlife Diversity Conference 2017

Hope to see you all in Columbus at the annual Wildlife Diversity Conference on March 7th.  The program poster is below, and the online registration is found at:

Friday, December 23, 2016

Conserving History- Green Lawn Cemetery

This may seem like an odd topic for this time of year.  One might not think a cemetery would be in a Weedpicker's wheelhouse.  However, historical cemeteries were often 1 part arboretum, 1 part picnic area and parade ground.  These large open spaces set aside within metropolitan areas have often become oasis for wildlife, botany and migratory birds.

 Green Lawn cemetery in Columbus is one of those special places.   Many times, I have birded, botanized, and enjoyed the historical trees and interesting landmarks therein.  

Unfortunately it just receive very rough treatment at the hands of vandals.  There is no "Allstate" fix for this type of problem.  To set things right will take an enormous amount of time and money, and I hope you will consider going here to help out.  Even ten dollars would be a start in the right direction.

To read the whole story, please follow this link to the Columbus Dispatch.

Got Merlin?
 Green Lawn is an designated Important Bird Area.  If I want to show someone a Merlin in the winter months, Green Lawn is the first place I would head.  It would be an oversight not mention that is a very handsome Kentucky Coffeetree the bird is hanging out in!

Pine Sisken and Pine Warbler
There is also a very active bird feeding station near a pond in the center of the cemetery. It is a hot spot for rarities all winter long.  The cemetery management has been extremely accommodating to birders and I hope you might join me in sending our friends at Green Lawn a little Christmas love.  Happy Holidays!

                                       Go Fund Me- Green Lawn Cemetery

Friday, November 25, 2016

#Opt Outside on Black Friday

Does nature speak to you?  It has plenty to say, if only we'll take time to listen: Relax. Reduce your stress levels.  Improve your health.  Breath easier.  

Spend time on a nature trail today.  I guarantee shopping in Black Friday crowds will provide none of those health benefits to you.

White Cedar tree trunk at an Adams County State Nature Preserve
Go outside and breathe deeply.  Find a path awash in fall beauty.  Ohio's countless State Parks and State Nature Preserves are calling to you.  Or find your oasis in a locally funded county park or land trust preserve.  

The Lyons Falls at Mohican State Park attract hikers from around the world.
When friends and family visit our house, my first instinct is to take them some place "wild".  Let's get back to nature and opt out of shopping on Black Friday.  Go take a hike instead!

For more information, follow these links to Trust for Public Land and REI- the retailer who has closed their doors today to get you OUTDOORS!

Trust for Public Land -  Protect our lands

#OptOutside with REI on Black Friday -

I hope you'll join my friends and me  as we improve our health and release happy thoughts and
good vibrations into the natural world.  While you are at it, hug a tree!

Kick your endorphins up a notch- #OptOutside !

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Scenes from a Covered Bridge

Let us ponder on lovely and peaceable things.  My best advice is to go forth into nature, breath deep and re-set your inner compass. The Stoics offer some wisdom for times of unrest.  Go within your heart and mind.  Immerse yourself in good thoughts and mental images. 

You have power over your mind - not outside events. 
Realize this, and you will find strength. 
                                                        Marcus Aurelius

A fall photo from the covered bridge within the Mohican State Park and Forest reminds me to simply be. Today will continue as tomorrow and this river will flow.  Know that good exists in the world.  We only need to look within ourselves for love and kindness. 

Mohican Covered Bridge  
Click here for map

Offering you peace like a river...

Friday, November 4, 2016