Monday, October 8, 2012

Nature- Plugged and Unplugged

This morning I learned a new plant: on Facebook.  An out of range Seaside Goldenrod was brought to my attention: on Facebook.  There is a moth site, a butterfly page and birders galore on the Internet.  Sometimes it can be a bit consuming, and yet I have learned some great things here.

Hopefully, you have learned something, sometime, from this blog.

This morning a photo of a billboard caught my attention on Facebook.  Good stuff.

If you love your children, introduce them to nature. There is nothing like touching a frog, or tasting a black raspberry.  My grandson wants to see snakes in the worst (and best) way!

Nature is science- turn their brains on.

A Halictid, or Sweat-bee on Butterfly-weed
 Nature's colors are awesome.  Look at the metallic bling on this miniature bee.

What could be cuter than a baby squirrel?

Baby Red Squirrel
Scarlett Wax-Cap mushroom
This fall I have been smitten with mushrooms and their endless shapes, colors and forms. 

You are never too old to learn.

Ruby-throated Hummingbird in my yard.
 Listen: Tune in and you will hear a hummingbird long before you see it.  They have an audible buzz.

Mallard Duck
Even the most nature-impaired of persons should be able to find and recognize a Mallard Duck.  Most ponds and backwaters in Ohio have them in good number.  What a wonderful place to start!

Computers are wonderful, but something special happens when we "go outside."  Give your family the gift that continues to "give" for their entire life: nature.  Increase your children's science aptitude, their critical thinking, and give them the best stress management tool life has to offer. 


Greater Mohican Audubon Society offers nature walks twice monthly.  Hope to see you there.

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