Friday, October 14, 2011

Greg Miller's Big Day!

If you are connected at all with the birding world or just into movies in general, you are probably aware the movie The Big Year premiered tonight. And most of us in mid-Ohio who bird, made a real event out of it.

After all, it was inspired by the true story of our friend, Greg Miller. "How cool is that?" Greg likes to say.

Does he look happy here? He was grinning so much, he admitted he looks like he has a "coat hanger in my mouth sideways!"

Friends and family gathered from around the state to share this night with him. Dan Sanders and Doreene Linzell are two very special birding friends who took him for "birding therapy" while he was fighting off cancer (after his big year.) Two of his other long-time birding companions, cousin-Kent Miller and friend-Su Snyder were also there.

Tim and Laura Dornan provided this hysterical cake- which was also quite yummy. Sorry, not one crumb is left.

After all, we had a packed house with over-flow into the next room. Everyone wants to wish Greg well, because he is the nicest guy in the world. No matter if he becomes famous or the movie flops- he will always be our lovable, silly Greg. Those tumbles in movie? I have actually seen him do that in the field.

Alan Dolan, Greg Miller, and Cheryl Harner (your blogger.) It was wonderful for the Canton Audubon and Greater Mohican Audubon to work together to make this night happen for Greg in Canton, Ohio. He wanted to be close to home for the big evening.

The movie filled our evening with some good chuckles and a few pulled heart-strings, but for those of us who know him well- he gives us that each day. No one at the movie laughed louder or cheered more than Greg. What you see, is what you get. That's Greg.

So Greg- here's to you! The world is a better place for having you in it.

May your movie inspire others to live their dream!


  1. Yea Greg!
    We saw the film today and loved the credits and besides Greg's name, you'll see "Lanky Birder-David Lewis." I only wish it was me...

  2. A great flock of NW Ohio birders roosted together to see the movie together. It's thumbs up all the way around!