Monday, October 10, 2011

Day of the Grebe

The last of a spectacular fall is closing in on mid-Ohio. Saturday's balmy temperatures were perfect for the last kayak trip of the season and Hoover Reservoir was as calm as a sheet of glass. The paddling was easy and the shore birding was pleasant, but the talk of the day was...

a lone Horned Grebe on the back-waters of the river. We first encountered this Podiceps near several Mallard ducks, but it remain when they spooked. It wandered up stream a bit, turned to take us by surprise and continued to swim past the kayak float, back towards the mouth of the stream. Hence, the jaw dropping looks, even photos of water droplets on its back.

Horned Grebes are migratory birds, only found passing through during spring and fall. This one will be headed south to Florida or Louisiana in the very near future, but we were grateful for the afternoon it spent with us.

A picture perfect day with the water reflecting the colors of fall.

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  1. A great way to see shore birds and dabblers! Be patient and float.