Tuesday, May 3, 2016

OOS 2016 in Shawnee

When the Ohio Ornithological Society gets together for spring birding in Shawnee, you know we are going to have fun.  And we are going to see birds!

Our special guest- Terry the Turkey Vulture.
 However, 2016 may go down in history as having a bird for speaker. This is rather inventive even for us (oos?)

Julie Davis, our President
Friday night's introductions and announcements were given by OOS President Julie Davis. Our Vice President, Randy Rogers got in on the action as well.

Terry the TUVU and Randy Rogers introduce Katie Fallon.
Terry the T.V. was thrilled to introduce his favorite author Katie Fallon.  He has heard Katie is currently working on her second book, which is about Turkey Vultures!

Yes, Terry had a  little help from V.P. Randy.  Our board members are not above having a little fun at these events!  Even Katie seemed to be enjoying the show.

Katie Fallon, author of Cerulean Blues.
After all the silliness, Katie entertained and informed the audience on the plight of the Cerulean Warblers and their loss of habitat in both West Virginia and on their wintering grounds.  She is an excellent speaker and the perfect start for our event.  The OOS logo boasts a Cerulean Warbler and any effort we make to protect or conserve Ceruleans would be a worthy cause.

*Anybody have photos from Saturday night of Petey the 'Possom and me, or Harvey Webster?  Willing to share?

Our group- Birds and Butterflies- convened in the parking lot.
(Front)Shari Jackson and Ronnie Macko (back) Melissa Holewinski, Tim Colborn, John and Joanne Smale,  Someone hiding, Patty Kelner and Jim Heflich.  (not shown- Lloyd and Lois Kuck)
 Bright and early Saturday morning field trips met up in the Lodge parking lot for our field trips.  The weather was under 50 degrees all day, and quite drizzly in the afternoon. Here is our Birding and Butterfly group getting ready to head out.  Birding was pretty decent, with an unusual highlight of a calling Northern Bobwhite and plenty of botany along the way

Out in the forest we were able to locate many species of warblers, including this Kentucky Warbler.  One of our keen-eyed participants, Lois Kuck, noticed this Luna Moth hanging out on a wall near Roosevelt Lake's Mackletree shelterhouse. Good save, Lois!

Tim (the tallest one) Colborn was our main birding guide.
Photo by Susan Nash

Fellow OOS guide, Tim Colborn led us on an excellent course through the forest, stopping for various warblers preparing for spring breeding.  This particular location yielded excellent looks at a Worm-eating Warbler.

It just goes to prove, early birders get the worm-eater!


  1. The Hooded Warbler looks like a Kentucky Warbler to me with this limited view.

  2. I'd say that was a good call, and I have corrected it. Honestly, that photo must have been from the day before. I knew I had taken a photo of Hooded while with this group.

    I appreciate the sharp eye!